Citrus Blast Wash & Wax, USGal/3.79L

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Meguiar’s Citrus Blast Wash & Wax is a premium automotive wash soap that’s formulated with the professional in mind to deliver a fast and effective wash with the added benefit of carnauba-based wax protection. This specialized formula has a unique high-lubricity, lower sudsing action that thoroughly cleans all exterior surfaces while quickly rinsing away using less time and less water. The high-lubricity cleaners assist in providing scratch-free results while conditioners and carnauba wax boost shine leaving paint with a glossy and slick surface. As an added treat, Meguiar’s new Citrus Blast fragrance is one you’ll be sure to enjoy during the entire washing experience day in and day out. Whether you’re a professional detailer or detailing enthusiast, Citrus Blast Wash & Wax is a professional car soap that will gently clean, add gloss, and leave your paint with premium carnauba wax protection again and again!

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